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Wolvenwood Studio was created to help businesses & organizations authentically, effectively & creatively share their story through branding, videography, photography & design.

In case you don't know me...

Hello, I'm Mike!
Owner of Wolvenwood Studio

I believe every person, business & organization should aspire to be better than we were yesterday, so we can more effectively serve those around us today.

So what exactly, do I do here?

My Creative Services


Branding aligns such elements as logo, design, mission, and values with a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications to help organizations differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base.


When used correctly, video can be used to efficiently communicate vast amounts of information,  focus people's attention for extended periods of time, and directly evoke & connect to your audience's emotions. This powerful device has become increasingly important in modern marketing.


Eye catching photography is still one of the most versatile tools to help share your story and engage with your audience. From social media posts to billboard advertisements, a robust library of images can make developing effective marketing materials easier that ever before.


Good graphic design clearly communicates your brand's message in a thoughtful and artistic way. It uses visual hierarchy, color, negative space and other visual tools to attract & connect to your audience, as well as support & enhance the transfer of information to them.

Building relationships & solving problems.

My Latest Projects

What do people have to say?


Cindy Smyka

Ely Area Tourism Bureau

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on a variety of projects. Regardless of the scope and timeframe, he always exceeds expectations. If you, your organization or business is looking for a creative company who has a true passion for the Ely area and its overall success, you found it!

Dustin DeCroo

Big Horn Outfitters

Finding creative designers is simple, finding creative professionals that are motivated, hard working, timely, honest and dependable… is far from simple. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike for the better part of a decade and I see no change for our business needs in the future. Not only is Mike talented and dependable, he is a genuinely good person. Have no second thoughts about Wolvenwood!!!

Chris Ellerbroek

Ten80 North

As a small business owner, it is often difficult to find quality, creative professionals to collaborate with. Wolvenwood Studio is the exception. Mike has been extremely professional, fun to work with and has a great attitude when working with mutual clients. His abilities in design, marketing, and videography have been a major asset in our ability to produce professional work for our clients.

Past & Present Collaborators:
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